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Higher Ed SIS, LMS, Enrollment, and Billing:
One Connected System

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Deliver an exceptional student and staff experience. 

One Platform

Streamline workflows between offices so you can focus on what matters most.

One Login

Students, faculty, and staff use single sign-on with role-based access for everything.

Proven Outcomes

Drive efficiency and engagement with automation and collaboration tools.

The crucial tools smaller colleges and trade

schools need to drive student success.

Get more out of your budget.

Even institutions with limited staff and budget can make a big impact by engaging students at every stage of their postsecondary experience—from application and enrollment through academics, billing, and more—and by sharing real-time actionable information across campus.

Blackbaud’s Connected Campus is four solutions in one:

  • Student Information

  • Learning Management
  • Enrollment Management
  • Billing Management
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Personalize the student experience.

With enrollment, student information (SIS), learning management (LMS), and billing systems all on one platform, students, faculty and staff have a single source of information—from applications and tuition payments to course requests, schedules, assignments, and grades.

  • Directories, notifications, and messaging unique to each student deliver the right support at the right time

  • Application tracking, course requests, and automated waitlists streamline processes and improve student engagement

  • Automated enrollment types simplify grading and bill creation

  • Degree auditing and academic progress tools help identify risk indicators and keep students on track to graduate

  • Configurable IPEDS list capabilities comply with institutional and federal reporting requirements

Young woman on a cell phone making a tuition payment

Improve cash flow.

Ensure the financial sustainability of your institution with modern, secure, and integrated billing management. Allow students to self-manage their billing experience and make tuition and fee collection seamless for the business office.

  • Secure payment portal is the same one students use for academic activities, helping to reduce tuition delinquency
  • Mobile-friendly bill-pay, flexible payment plans, and payment automation modernize payment processes
  • Simplified 1098T production with form generation, IRS filings, and individualized student documentation
  • Tuition rates defined in your SIS automatically apply in your billing system and financial aid posts directly to student accounts
  • Integration with Financial Edge NXT® as your business office accounting software streamlines manual processes
Stylized software screens of Blackbaud billing reports

Drive enrollment and retention.

Seamlessly connect all aspects of admissions to attract and enroll the best-fit student.

  • Mobile-friendly applications and automated reminders equip students to easily apply and re-enroll online
  • Customizable application workflows support varying programs and learner types—full-time, part-time, distance, etc.
  • Automated checklists, online application references, text messaging, and email to personalize the application process
  • Campus visit self-scheduling, application tracking, and automated decision notifications empower students and administrators
  • End-to-end processes for document follow-up, review committees, and enrollment decisions
Stylized software screens of Blackbaud admissions data

Modernize the academic experience.

Drive educational outcomes and support your faculty by eliminating administrative burdens and unifying student data into one actionable view while giving students a mobile-friendly portal to find everything they need.

  • Digital learning resources, interactive assignments, online calendaring, gradebooks, and tests replace clunky manual processes and paperwork
  • Communication tools, online communities, and academic performance tracking propel student retention and engagement
  • OneRoster 1.1 and LTI compliance means secure automated data exchange of roster, course materials, and grade information
  • Data flows from enrollment into the LMS and SMS upon the student’s acceptance and deposits sync with billing
Professor in a classroom with student summary data screens on top

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Students have more ownership and autonomy over their degree completion. The conversations we have with them are more intentional and efficient as a result.

Rachel Holm

Registrar, Virginia Theological Seminary

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